A Critique & Chocolate!

Sub It Club CHAT BUTTONEvery week in our snazzy WordPress chatroom we’ll be featuring one query letter for critique. Where will we get that letter? From our Sub It Club chat members, of course!

Here are our guidelines for putting your query in for critique:

1. Query drafts may be sent starting at 8am Friday and ending midnight Sunday. We will assign a number to each email as it comes in and use a random-number generator to choose the query of the week.

2. The query will be posted by Tuesday at 8am in the chatroom, (if not before) and remain available for critiquing through the weekend. We ask that you stop by and give it your perusal, read the other comments and see what you can add. Learn by doing!

3. We will start all over again with the submission process at 8am Friday. Even if you have submitted before, please resubmit. You may find out things by studying others’ critiques and decide to revise your query before the membership sees it!

4. For now, only one query per person per submission cycle. This may change depending on how many people participate.

5. If you are too shy to participate, we WILL post your query without your name attached, if you wish. PLEASE MAKE IT VERY, VERY CLEAR THAT YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR NAME ATTACHED, IF THAT IS THE CASE.


Since this is our kick off critique we want to make it special! We’ll also use the random number generator to choose a lucky winner who will receive *drum roll please*

An Amazing Array of Chocolate made in Kansas City!

Because as we all know, chocolate is one of the major food groups. At least for writers.

If you’re already in the Club, just check the email address at the end of the query critique submission guidelines. If you’re not part of the Club yet, don’t be shy. Sub It Club is open to all writers of any genre, so if you’re a writer submitting (or thinking about submitting) manuscripts,  join us!

5 thoughts on “A Critique & Chocolate!

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  1. Wait one cotton-picking minute! Are you talking about ANDRE’S CONFISERIE SUISSE chocolate? The very truffles that my husband always brought back to Boston from KC?

    If so, then you have indeed raised the stakes very, very high indeed. 🙂


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