A Query Letter That Worked from Ariel Bernstein + a Slush Pile Pass & 2 Critique Giveaways!

If you keep up with us here on the blog, you may have seen that Ariel Bernstein had some amazing news in 2015. Not only did she sign with agent Mary Cummings of Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises, she signed a deal for her picture book, I HAVE A BALLOON, with Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman books as well... Continue Reading →

Who Do I Address My Query Letter To?

Submission guidelines can sometimes be vague, especially those at publishing houses it seems. You may find their guidelines to simply say something like: send your manuscript or proposal to publishers@bigpublishinghouse.com. Okay, so at least you know the address where you are supposed to send your submission, but you want to do things the proper way.... Continue Reading →

The Postcard Post Holiday Special Delivery: Emily Wayne

The holidays are upon us and no matter what you're celebrating, it's fun to see seasonal postcards. This one caught my eye on twitter and illustrator Emily Wayne graciously agreed to drop by and share her fun illustrations and tips with us. Emily Wayne is an artist, illustrator and all around crafty sort (in the... Continue Reading →

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