A Quick Interview with Kat Brzozowski of Thomas Dunne Books

I happened to be looking at my Twitter feed when Kat Brzozowski, an Associate Editor at Thomas Dunne Books, tweeted: Does anyone care enough me or about my job to have questions about being an editor or working in publishing...? Let me know! I'll answer! — Kat Brzozowski (@KatBrzozowski) April 3, 2015 Well of course... Continue Reading →

But Are You a Match? Six Things to Consider Before Accepting Representation: Prt 4/6–EDITORIAL OR NOT EDITORIAL, THAT IS THE QUESTION

Part the fourth in a six-part series, here are one, two and three. Another one of the million things to consider when mulling over an offer of representation, is whether he/she is an editorial agent. Pretty easy to tell the difference. An uneditorial agent will say he/she leaves the editing up to the editor. An... Continue Reading →

Synopsizing Part 2: From Magnificent Manuscript to Sparkling Summary In 4 Steps

SYNOPSIS Aw, geez. That was no fun at all--no crying, no whimpering--not even a flinch. You guys are all toughened up and stuff. Might as well get to it... 4 STEPS TO A SPARKLING SYNOPSIS Flip through your manuscript and jot down a sentence or two summary for each chapter. Yes, just one or two... Continue Reading →

Synopsizing Part 1: Yes, We Are Going There

SYNOPSIS. http://youtu.be/jmrJx32xefM Calm down, honey. I know. Nothing strikes terror into a writer's heart like the word: SYNOPSIS. http://youtu.be/SIaFtAKnqBU Okay, that was kind of cruel. But it was fun to watch you jump like that. If you're submitting anything longer than a picture book, you'll end up needing a synopsis. "But Lisha, not every agent/editor... Continue Reading →

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