February 2018 Contest Roundup

With the month of love upon us it seems that a number of new pitch opportunities have been inspired, so you romance writers are in luck! Writing in other genres? You'll find some love here in the February Contest Roundup as well. There's opportunities for nonfiction, children's through adult fiction, illustrators, first generation residents, short... Continue Reading →

Interview with Agent Jennifer Johnson-Blalock of Liza Dawson Associates

As part of our 3 Year Celebrations we are thrilled to have agent Jennifer Johnson-Blalock of Liza Dawson Associates joining us! This Friday, February 26th, Jennifer is going to be taking pitches right here on the Sub It Club blog! Today Jennifer is stopping by to tell us more about herself and what she’s looking for.... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Agent Saba Sulaiman + a Pitch Day!

Today I’m happy to welcome Saba Sulaiman to the Sub It Club blog! Saba is a Junior Agent at Talcott Notch Literary Services. Before being promoted she was an assistant working through thousands of queries in a number of genres. Prior to coming to Talcott Notch, Saba was an editorial intern at Sourcebooks. Working with... Continue Reading →

Elevator Pitches that Go to the Top Floor: Part 5/5–Delivered With Love

Today we put the whole she-bang together and look at how to deliver your well-crafted, long sweated-over elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is a great foundation for a query letter and a handy tool for participating in #pitchmad and other contests. But its true function is QUERYING AGENTS/EDITORS IN PERSON. Are your palms sweating? Well... Continue Reading →

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