Nonfiction query basics … part 1 Picture Books

Barbara Kingsolver once likened writing fiction to planting a garden in the desert. Meanwhile, writing nonfiction is weeding an overgrown hillside into something beautiful. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. ... I'm more weeder than planter. Most of what I write is nonfiction, and I know a few Sub It Clubbers are in... Continue Reading →


While many publishing houses are closed to submissions, querying editors is still a possibility in some circumstances, and it can definitely lead to publication. Today we are celebrating Sub It Club member, Marcie Wessels and the release of her debut picture book! Marcie is here to tell us how she queried her editor directly and share her... Continue Reading →

Picture Book Format

Lisha posted about formatting your novel and due to popular demand, today I'm posting about picture book formatting. It's pretty similar but there are some slight differences. When you're sending your picture book out on submission, using the correct format is important. This may look like a long list of instructions but formatting your picture book... Continue Reading →

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