Format Your Email Sample Chapters

This post is brought to you by the one and only, Lisha Cauthen. You can understand why agents/editors want First Contact with their potential authors to be through a safe, clean email. With the volume of correspondence they receive from strangers, the likelihood of viruses arriving in attachments is high. Fine. So I took... Continue Reading →

Critiquing for Maximum Benefit and Minimum Hurt Feelings–part 4 of 7, WHAT A CHARACTER

*phew* After a month of special guests and interviews and contests and frivolity, it's time to get back to what we're really here to encourage: Today, let's consider how to help your critique partner write realistic, unforgettable characters. CHARACTER CHECKLIST Point of View--Is it consistent? Whether it's first, second (boy, I'd like to see THAT... Continue Reading →

But Are You a Match? Six Things To Consider Before Accepting Representation: Prt 1/6–COMMUNICATION If you didn't see that coming, you just don't know me. People are different--I know that comes as a complete shock to all of you writers. (<---SARCASM) And when The Call comes, we dream that on the other end of our tired little flip phone is our knight in shining armor, come to... Continue Reading →

Synopsizing Part 2: From Magnificent Manuscript to Sparkling Summary In 4 Steps

SYNOPSIS Aw, geez. That was no fun at all--no crying, no whimpering--not even a flinch. You guys are all toughened up and stuff. Might as well get to it... 4 STEPS TO A SPARKLING SYNOPSIS Flip through your manuscript and jot down a sentence or two summary for each chapter. Yes, just one or two... Continue Reading →

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