A Quick Interview with Kat Brzozowski of Thomas Dunne Books

I happened to be looking at my Twitter feed when Kat Brzozowski, an Associate Editor at Thomas Dunne Books, tweeted: Does anyone care enough me or about my job to have questions about being an editor or working in publishing...? Let me know! I'll answer! — Kat Brzozowski (@KatBrzozowski) April 3, 2015 Well of course... Continue Reading →

Agent Jodell Sadler Talks Submissions — Plus 2 Chances to Win Picture Book Courses!

It's been a fantastic Kidlit Week here at Sub It Club! Our great giveaways are still open for entry until Tuesday so be sure to scroll back through our posts and enter if you haven't already. And, of course, we'll continue to have kidlit interspersed through our blog as we always do! (Psst! We have... Continue Reading →

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