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Kidlit writer and mom-of-four, writing a million words, one handful at a time. Author of MARATHON MOUSE and SOPHIE'S ANIMAL PARADE, illustrated by Katia Wish, available everywhere books are sold!

Make a list…or don’t.

I am not the most organized person. Wait. I take that back. I do pretty well for someone who refuses to make a list. My kids get dressed and fed on a regular basis, and sometimes even get bathed. That’s … Continue reading

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Plant the Tree.

I love avocados. When we first bought our house in the Central Valley of California, we considered planting an avocado tree in our backyard. The idea of it was so exciting. Can you imagine being able to walk into your … Continue reading

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The Power of Mindset

My 10-year-old daughter, Gracie, is smart. She’s “I get 100% on standardized tests” kind-of-smart. And while these smarts are wonderful and amazing, they bring with them their own set of issues to be worked out. I’ll never forget her coming … Continue reading

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Babies, the Beach, and Submission Amnesia

Sometimes, when I really stop to think about it, I am convinced that we writers are certifiable. We put ourselves out there; our hearts and souls and words sliced open and served up to the entire world. We optimistically send … Continue reading

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Thinking Like a Coach

It’s Fall and in the Dixon house, that means it’s soccer season! A few years ago, I somehow started coaching. It was one of those things where someone is asking for volunteers, and no one is stepping up, and your … Continue reading

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A Psychology Lesson from Koala

So I was reading this picture book the other day. It is the story of a child and a terrible stuffed koala that WON’T. GO. AWAY. He tries everything he can to escape Koala. But he can’t. And as I … Continue reading

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My daughter sang a solo in the school talent show this year. I was surprised, because lately, she doesn’t want to sing for us at all. Gone are the days of her belting out “Let it Go” for anyone who … Continue reading

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