Let’s Play Rejection Bingo with Kirsten Larson!

If you’re submitting your work, rejection is going to happen. That’s just the way it is. So why not have some fun with it? Not too long ago Kirsten Larson posted her rejection bingo in our private Sub It Club group and I just had to share it with you all. Lucky for us, Kirsten was happy to! So, here is your host of Rejection Bingo, Kirsten Larson! *cue wild applause*:

KirstenCome on down!

You’re the next contestant on “Your Book’s Not Right!” (for my list).

Does that phrase sound familiar? Perhaps it’s surfaced in one of your rejection letters (or two or three if you’ve been at this awhile). Well, now’s your chance to turn that rejection into a winning hand.

Join us for a round of “Submission Bingo.” To play along just copy and paste your card from this post or click here for a downloadable pdf: agent rejection bingo.

Here’s how it works.

  1. You may use an agent or editor rejection to satisfy one square only. I know that one rejection email may use many of these phrases, but no cheating.
  2. All rejections have to come from your current submission round. No mining your files from 3 years ago, etc.
  3. We’re playing for blackout (all 25 squares).
  4. The prize… bragging rights that you’ve subbed to 25 agents/publishers! agenKirsten Rejection Bingo

If you become a Submission Bingo winner, we’d love to hear about it either here or the SubItClub Facebook group.

Hopefully by the time your card is full, you’re a winner in other ways. If not, buy yourself some rejection chocolate and query on.

Submissions Bingo” … when you lose, you win.

Ready to play?  Jump on in. I’ll start a thread in the group for our game or you are welcome to join us here in the comments. I don’t know about you, but for me there is something about games that makes me feel competitive. More rejections for the win? Bring ’em on! Who’s going to be the first to get one line crossed out? How many of us will be able to achieve blackout? Time will tell. Let’s get some submissions out there! 

Kirsten W. Larson used to work with rocket scientists at NASA. Now she writes about rocket science — and just about any science — for kids. She is the author of 20 children’s books, including 9 scheduled for release in 2016. She lives near Los Angeles with her husband, lhasa-poo, and two curious kids. Her house is filled with LEGOs, laughter, and lots of books!

When procrastinating, she blogs at
and tweets at @KirstenWLarson.

41 thoughts on “Let’s Play Rejection Bingo with Kirsten Larson!

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  1. I can already fill half this card. Sigh. But I will start now, with the subs currently out 🙂 Thanks for making this a little easier!


  2. Printed out my Rejection Bingo board, and can’t wait for my first rejection. Hope I am not disappointed if I get an acceptance from an agent, when all I needed was “Rejection the same day you sent query” for BINGO.


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