Here’s to the Amazing Laurie J. Edwards!

Here at Sub It Club we, of course, love it when our members get published! Well, we have one member who just might blow your mind. She does mine!

UK covers for book 1 of the GRACE series.

Not only is Laurie J. Edwards published, she’s published in multiple genres. Not only does she have one agent, she has two! And on top of that—the woman can draw! Laurie often lets us in on what she’s working on during Dana Carey’s Monthly Goal Post check-ins in our Facebook group and the amount of projects that Laurie is working on at any one time is astounding. How so much talent can be packed into one person is practically beyond my comprehension! We are so lucky to have Laurie in the group and I personally feel very fortunate to have connected with her online. She’s an inspiration!

Laurie has published nonfiction such as her book RIHANNA (PEOPLE IN THE NEWS) with Lucent and a five volume UXL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES with Gale/Cengage.

Cyber Self-Defense written with cybercrime expert Alexis Moore.
Cyber Self-Defense written with cybercrime expert Alexis Moore.

Laurie writes with partners. Her CYBER SELF-DEFENSE book written with cyber crime expert Alexis Moore is set to come out this October with Globe Pequot/Lyon’s Press.

Laurie writes so much in so many genres she also publishes under the pseudonym Erin Johnson. Her GRACE series is published both in the UK and the U.S. “After her family is slaughtered by outlaws, sixteen-year-old Grace Milton goes on a vendetta to capture the gang who did it. But once she meets a rugged range rider, she’s torn between revenge and love.”  Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it!

Book 1 of the GRACE series – U.S. edition.

And there’s more! Go take a look at Laurie’s list of published books for yourself.

Yes, Laurie is well published but it doesn’t mean she’s stopped learning. She still takes classes, takes part in writing challenges, and enters contests (and sometimes wins, no surprise there!) So, if you’re having a day when you think that writing so much just isn’t possible; that you just can’t switch to another genre; that writing more than one book at a time is absurd– think of Laurie and be inspired!

To be inspired even more by Laurie connect with her by joining our Sub It Club private facebook group.

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12 thoughts on “Here’s to the Amazing Laurie J. Edwards!

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  1. Aww… Heather, you’re so sweet. And we have so many talented people here, including you. Thanks for the club!


  2. Laurie IS an inspiration! We’re so lucky to have you in the club, Laurie. Here’s to your continued success! 🙂


  3. I have had the privilege of teaching Laurie at Hollins-she blows my mind too. She is never in a hurry, but she gets way more done than most humans. I am so happy for her successes.


    1. I’m not surprised I’m not the only one whose mind she blows, Ashley. She just may be super-human. 😉


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